December 31, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

New Year's Eve 2000 marked a turning point in my world. I did it in style, outside in the hot tub with Alison and Susan, champagne and great food, watching the incredible ABC network coverage of the Millennium celebrations around the world on the TV I rigged up outside. What I didn't realize is that I was bidding farewell to what could be called "The Good Old Days" because things started going down hill fast in the new decade. The stolen presidential election and 9/11 probably relegated the remainder of my lifetime to war and terrorism. In 2002 I lost three loved ones, all by some form of suicide. Towards the end of the decade, Comfest, which had become my religion, began to choke on the ham sandwich of its own success, Politics went from inspiring real hope and excitement to grinding gridlock and unprecedented poisonous right-wing stupidity. Who knows how long it will take to dig out from the financial mess created this decade? And for the last five years I've been spending increasingly less time with the person I love the most to the point that I haven't even seen her the last two years. So the momentum going into this next decade, my sixth, isn't going in the right direction. But, maybe like the last one, I'll be able to look back on this New Year's Eve as a turning point. I will be retiring in the next decade and I may have already found a new challenge to replace Comfest, if necessary. I found a few new friends during this decade who I'll try to drag along with me into the new one. Hope springs eternal for the likes of Mr. Obama and I'm not ready to pull the plug on my heartbeat for that long-distance girlfriend. I'm going to keep on keepin' on, trying to remain fun-loving, positive and creative, full of love and passion and, hopefully, dancing for at least the next ten.

As of 12:30, there were no Columbus Alives to be found. So be forewarned all I've got is an Other Paper.

New Year's Eve, Wet Darlings are at Ruby's, The Spikedrivers are Rumba, Miller Kelton is at Victorian's and I hear that The Bygones, Todd May and Micah Schnabel are at The Summit.

Friday, Go Bucks, beat the Ducks! Trains Across the Sea is at Treehouse.

Saturday, The Floorwalkers are at Victorian's.

While I'm far away from you my baby
Whisper a little prayer for me my baby
Because it's hard for me my baby
And the darkest hour is just before dawn

(Lowman Pauling and Ralph Bass)


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