December 24, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

It's Christmas Eve. I think back to my Happy Channukah days when, even though there were five of us, my parents used to find a way to give each one of us some type of gift on each of eight nights. Of course, they started with the best gifts the first night and moved on to crappy stuff later on. They actually used to try to hide them but we always knew the huge cardboard box of treasure was in the upstairs closet. I believe the development of my aesthetic senses were greatly impacted by the candles of primary colors we lit every night. That didn't last too many years, the 8 days started dwindling one by one and eventually the holiday turned into just getting together for a repeat of Thanksgiving dinner. When I started living with my non-Jewish girlfriend, my jealousy of Christmas finally found relief in a total embrace of the secular holiday traditions. I always got a big tree that smelled great and lavishly decorated it with lights and the girlfriend's treasured family ornaments. I walk around whistling carols. My Christmas card production became a tradition with a list that just grew and grew. I especially enjoyed the way it all built up to one Eve and one Morning as opposed to the long 8 day stretch. Christmas has an intensity of quiet warmth, hunkering down with loved-ones and no responsibilities other than to eat, drink and be merry that felt so good to this old Jewish boy. Merry Christmas. I hope you're spending it with the ones you love.

As you might expect, it's quiet on the music front this weekend.

Thursday, tonight, The Soul with Phil Clark, Dave DeWitt, Jeff Ciampa and Aaron Scott will be playing some good stuff at The Bexley Monk.

Saturday, Watershed is at Rumba, Donna Mogavero Band is at Thirsty Ear and Old Worlds is at the Treehouse.

Sunday is The Ooh-La-Las Jazz & Burlesque Show at Dick's.

This is Christmas, Christmas, my dear
The time of year to be with the one you love


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