September 24, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

You don't get to a crossroads in your life very often. There are only so many junctions between the lines in the palm of your hand. Most of the time, we are heading forward in some particular direction, even if it is in a circle. It is rare that we make a sharp turn into the unknown. Sometimes you have no choice. Loved ones pass away or disappear. Occasionally though, you see out of the corner of your eye the fiery horizon the new road runs into, but you don't know whether you'll make that turn or not. The unknown direction is terrifying and exciting. Just seeing it makes the familiar path seem gloriously boring. Eventually, you must go one way or the other, but in the meantime, the gravitational pull of both worlds leave you moving in slow motion where you have time to appreciate the precarious beauty of just where you're at.

Thursday, tonight, Chris McCoy shares the stage with The Hiders. Couch Forts and Tin Armor are at Treehouse.

Friday, Wet Darlings are at Oldfields. I've heard that the Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit show at Rumba is sold out and that makes sense. Hopefully, I will be able to find my way in.

Saturday, I am hoping that my annual street party, the Summit on Walhalla at the corner thereof, does not get rained out but it isn't looking good. If we can sneak by, it will be great with Happy Chichester, Derek DiCenzo and Jimmy Castoe beginning at 8 PM and going to about 9:30 or 10. Free food, BYOB. Contributions appreciated. You are invited. Later, Nick Tolford & Co. are at Carabar with Mt. Carmel and The Spikedrivers are at Rumba.

They're dancin' in the streets. mark

September 18, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

It was difficult to spend almost $700 to get the hot tub fixed but I hadn't put much into over the past 10 years so I went for it. They got its heart beating again but its mind had obviously been blown. It started babbling LED messages about imaginary conditions that prevented the jets from working. After another attempt to persuade it to behave, the tub doctor said it needed an expensive brain transplant. I noticed that every once in a while, it would work but it was completely unpredictable. A tub without jets is like lying on the massage therapist's table and telling him where it hurts while he sits in a chair, nods and asks you "How does that make you feel?" I kept it filled with the water it was slowly leaking hoping it might just cure itself. Last night, after a delightful birthday dinner for a friend at Alana's, we had a little time to kill before hitting the Tim Easton show. We decided to give the tub a try and it performed like a champ. I guess it wasn't playing brain-dead just to frustrate me after all. It just didn't want me to take it for granted.

Thursday, tonight, The Spikedrivers do the happy hour at Rumba followed by Guinea Worms and Daycreeper. Couch Forts are one of three at Treehouse.

Friday, Jeffrey Lewis is at Boutbon Street. He is a really funny New York City singer-songwriter who put on a very creative mixed media show the last time I saw him. The Super Mega-Ultra Thon-a-thon at Dick's should be fun with Megan Palmer covering Fleetwood Mac, Happy Chichester doing some Sly & the Family Stone and Jesse Henry and Joe Crump doing their things. Competition in the category of stellar line-ups goes on at Rumba with the Columbus Girls' Singer/Songwriter Showcase featuring, among others, double-dipper Megan Palmer, Lydia Loveless, Elisa Nicholas, Jenny Lute of Wet Darlings, Jenny Flory of Wonder Twin Powers and Miss Molly. Matt Monta and the Hot Coal Band are at Thirsty Ear.

Saturday, the line-up at Bernie's includes Hell's Fire Sinners and Lydia Loveless, Wonder Twin Powers and Ghenghis Green are at Espresso Yourself in Powell. Lucero returns to Rumba. Josh Fitzwater & the Shambles and Monolithic Cloud Parade are at Skully's. I was thinking of going to the Paw Paw Festival in Albany, Ohio just west of Athens (love that paw paw beer) but I will probably stick around for the Independents Festival downtown on Gay St. Four stages from noon to 10 PM feature Burglar, Bush League All-Stars, Moon High, You're So Bossy, Sick Thrills, The Lindsay, Couch Forts, Tin Armor, Super Desserts and Ericka Carey. Impressive! Here's a link to the schedule: Sounds like there will be good food and lots of interesting art. It was fun last year and it was a lot smaller then.

Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer, do. mark

September 10, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

Oh, ye (me) of little faith. I was so worried that Obama was going to wimp out last night. I should have known he would stay strong and smart like the man I was sure I voted for. But this Hope he holds onto for bi-partisanship in the face of all the evidence to the contrary reminds me of the Hope I held onto for almost 2 years. I always enjoyed shopping for bargain shoes at DSW with The Girlfriend and even though I've been walking through the rain and snow for about a year with a hole in my sole, I waited for her to come back...until this past Monday. And, yep, I got a couple of real nice bargains. It would be nice if it turned out Obama and I were right about holding on to Hope, but at some point, he's just going to have to round up the Dems he's got and go out there and get us some health care reform we can walk in.

Thursday, tonight, Paul Brown's Science Gravy Orchestra is at Dick's (I guess his suspension is up), Wonder Power Twins, Erika Carey & the Calamaties and Matthew Hoover & the Supersaints are at Ruby's and Couch Forts share the stage with what sounds like a couple out-of-towners at Treehouse.

Friday, The Hot Times Community Arts and Music Festival at Parsons and Main begins at 6 PM with Mendelsonics at 8:30 followed by New Pollution and Shaun Booker. I'll be stage managing Friday and Sunday, as usual, so come by and say "Hi". Right around the corner at Carabar there's Moon High and Deerhead. Unit One and Matthew Hoover & the Supersaints do the happy hour at Rumba followed by Colin Gawel & the Lonely Bones. Later, I'll be heading for the Day of Infamy Birthday Party for Cyndi W.

Saturday, I will be tailgating all over Buckeye Nation Central getting pumped up for the biggest game all year. Go Bucks! Beat USC! As a result, I will be missing what looks to be a great new festival, The Pabst Blue Rendezvous at the Fireproof Storage building on North High in the Short North with The Randys at 2:30 followed by Trains Across the Sea, Nick Tolford and Company, Shin Tower Music, Daycreeper and at 7:30 The Lindsay wind it up. Wow! The music starts at noon at Hot Times with Girlz Rythm n' Rock Camp followed by BHB, fo/mo/deep, headliner Pato Banton at 6:45, The Four Mints, Willie Phoenix and Flex Crew. This Is My Suitcase and Flotation Walls are at Skully's.

Sunday, I will return to stage manage at Hot Times and I will be stylin' in the African shirt my client brought me back from Kenya. Lots and lots of jazz early then the Women's Drum Chorus at 8 PM followed by Ark Band.

Wednesday, set your calendar to remind you that Tim Easton is coming to Rumba with Aaron Tasjan.

These boots were made for walkin'. mark

September 8, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

OSU banner hung on the porch with care? Check. OSU v. USC tickets in hand? Check. Beautiful fall-like weather? Check. Bucks still have a chance to win the National Championship? Check. Ready for some football? Oh yeah. "Health Care Insurance Reform Now" sign in front yard? Check. Ready for Obama to give Republicans and conservative Democrats hell Wednesday? I can still dream, can't I?

Thursday, Tin Armor is at the Circus, Sleeping in the Aviary and The Blastronaughts sounds like an interesting show at Oldfield's. The only thing that Couch Forts, This Is My Suitcase and Lydia Loveless have in common is that they are all favorite acts of mine and they are at the Treehouse.

Friday, Stucco Jones, Burglar and The Town Monster are at Circus, Miller-Kelton is at Oldfield's, Grassinine is at Victorian's and the Bush League All-Stars are at Rumba. The Greek Festival begins and I may have to go and get my Greek on because I do love the food.

Saturday, Miss Molly has another CD release at Rumba.

Sunday, the SOHUD (South of Hudson) Super Show with The Andy Shaw Band, The Floorwalkers and The Max Power Trio are at Ruby's.

Monday begins Dine Originals Restaurant Week. They support Meals on Wheels, The Mid-Ohio Food Bank and Local Matters.

Tuesday, if you were like me and missed the Brian Casey Tribute with Mary Adam 12 at Comfest, try the anniversary happy hour show at Rumba.

Fight the team across the field
Show them Ohio's here,
Set the earth reverberating
With a mighty cheer,
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Lyrics by William A. Daugherty, Jr.


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