June 23, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

I went on the road with the Cowboy Hillbilly Hippie Folk to the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania (Rolling Rock, anyone?) where you find the oddly-familiar-sounding Ohiopyle State Park and the touristy little rafting/biking destination of Falls City on the seemingly-impossible-to-pronounce Youghioheny River which a local assured me is pronounced "yockaganey". I discovered that even if I ride a bike on an absolutely level ex-train track by a beautiful river for 18 miles, I will still feel like I'm going to die. The only thing that kept me going was the desire not to be passed by the lovely young bass player who hadn't ridden a bike for many years. At the gig, the band let me sit in so I sat on a picnic bench just outside the open air stage and picked up a large accordion, an instrument that I really don't play but that I knew enough to play along with songs that consisted of about 3 chords which most of theirs did. I did so with some difficulty, getting an inordinate amount of aerobic exercise squeezing the bellows and awkwardly using my left hand to make the chords. It occurred to me the next day that I had been playing it upside down. Wish I could blame it on the Yuenglings.

Friends of Mark, don't forget to volunteer at comfest.com. We need people to work Safety (fka Security) Friday 4-8, 8-12 and anytime Sunday. We need people to work Clean Up & Recycling Friday night and Saturday morning. It's your festival. Do your part.

This following is an all-Comfest performers list.

Thursday, today, I'm headed for my first visit to the new Huntington ballpark to see the Clippers (who are not playing at Comfest) or just to drink some beer depending on the weather. Tonight, Vegas 66 is at Circus and Couch Forts is at Treehouse.

Friday, The Receiver and Ghost Shirt are at Ravari, Megan Palmer & the Hopefuls do the happy hour at Rumba followed by Two Cow Garage. Josh Fitzwater & the Shambles and Lost Revival are at Treehouse.

Saturday, The Spikedrivers are at Dick's, The Lost Revival and Old Worlds are joined by controversially-missing-from-Comfest Big Back 40 at Rumba in what should be steel guitarist Barry Hensley's last Columbus performance before moving to the Left Coast. Bookmobile, You're So Bossy and Derek DiCenzo are at Treehouse.

Tuesday, see Comfest's lone import this year, David Ornette Cherry at Dick's Den. Couch Forts and last minute-Comfest-addition, Matt Monta are at the Treehouse.

Roll out the barrel. We'll have a barrel of fun. mark

June 12, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

Up until last Thursday, it was only my girlfriend who hadn't come home. Now Buster's gone. Maybe it was the same old 8 flavors of canned food week after week. Or the fact that I never bought him any new toys and he got tired of Dolly and Ducky. I know you aren't supposed to have one, but he was my favorite of the five cats. Something about that burly little body with the bobtail and the strong broad nose just melted my heart. And he loved to be loved. He especially liked his chin and chest scratched. You only found out he'd had enough when he suddenly bared his teeth and hissed or nipped you. He definitely had a wild streak in him. He made this satanic growl when he'd gnaw on his own back leg as if he'd just taken down an antelope. He loved being outside and finding adventure every day while I was at work. Maybe he just wanted to be free. By now, I realize that whatever happened to him, he's taken a path of no return, but I wonder how long it will be before I stop looking for him at the back porch.

Thursday, tonight, Terribly Empty Pockets is one of the bands at Rumba, MeltyMelty and Moon High are at Treehouse and The Summit has Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Times New Viking and El Jesus de Magico. Amazingly enough, none of the aforementioned great bands are performing at Comfest. On the other hand, at the Break-a-Leg Bob Sauls Benefit #2, '09 Comfest performers including Rj Cowdrey, Donna Mogavero, Jim Volk and Victoria Parks will be helping Bob out at Victorian's.

Friday, The Twang Alliance does the happy hour at Rumba with Cur Dogs and Cowboy Hillbilly Hippy Folk followed by Comfest acts The Josh Kracjik Band and Mt. Carmel. The Floorwalkers ar at Thirsty Ear.

Saturday, Jonathan Richman is at The Summit. He is a great performer and you are guaranteed to smile.

Tuesday, Comfest performers Couch Forts and Lydia Loveless are at Treehouse.

Wednesday, Woody Pines returns to us from North Carolina to perform at Dick's. I saw him recently in Athens and he is better than ever.

Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling. mark

What's Up This Weekend?

The most excitement in my life the past week, other than the excellent Decemberists show, was getting delivery of the the portable luminescent sign that I designed and had someone build to help me recruit for Comfest. The table covering I had before just wasn't attracting any attention in the crowded dark clubs. I knew I needed something more at eye level and this sign is about 2 feet tall and lights up like a lighthouse. Its a big white wooden box with a cute little rope handle and inside there are two battery-powered LED lamps that light up the white translucent face with the Comfest logo and "Volunteer 4 Comfest" in black. Hopefully, it will draw the volunteer moths to the Community Festival flame.

Thursday, tonight, Comfest Sunday Main Stage headliners, The Spikedrivers, do the happy hour at Rumba followed by Todd Tedesco & the Long Haul, with Comfest '09 performers Fort Shame and Micah from Two Cow.

Friday, last minute Comfest winners, Jesse Henry & the Royal Tycoons will be at Dick's Den and first time Comfest performers, Cellar Hounds, will be at Oldfield's.

Saturday Grassahol is at Rumba. I might head down the country to the Appalachian Uprising where Sam Bush will be performing.

Sunday is the Annual Comfest Entertainment Committee Letter Stuffing Barbeque at my place. This year, no partying until we get the job done.

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. mark