December 10, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

I've never been good at being able to listen to music and decipher the lyrics. I've assuaged that frustration, being somewhat of a lyricist myself, by working on the theory that lyrics are written in dream language. Not exactly Finnegans Wake style but like dreams, they don't always make real-world sense if you try to explain them. In dreams, words are spoken subconsciously. They communicate something to the sleeper beyond the surface of their literal translation. Similarly. the impact of lyrics on the listener's waking comprehension is a welter of impressions and feelings from the brain's best effort to do something with the superficial sounds it receives. Literal meanings fade in and out with mistaken identities, guesses and total misses and rhymes and alliteration that just feel good, Its all food for the imagination to make of it what it will. I feel the same way about listening to people in bars while the band is playing. I rarely can understand what they are saying but I've developed what I believe to be an ability to imagine or feel what they are saying. Now, of course, it is hard to carry-on a two-way conversation with a person who knows what they are talking about when I'm just feeling what they are talking about. Occasionally I'm able to catch enough to quickly adjust my thinking and utter a word or two in response but usually I just resort to non-verbal communication like grins, grimaces, smiles, nods, laughs, snorts, eye shifts and the occasional undefinable exclamations. It usually works. I don't think anyone has ever called me out on it. (They will now.) Its amazing how people can just go on and on against the current of all that noise in the room with seemingly no clue that it might be hard for me to understand what they're saying and be satisfied with such a one-sided conversation. I wish I could understand them but I might as well wish I could remember my dreams.

Thursday, tonight, Listening Hour at The Bristol features Eric Nassau, Tin Armor is at Carabar, Circus has Lollipop Factory, The Town Monster and Mors Ontologica, Peloton Records has another showcase at Ruby's, Dottie & Clyde are at Rumba with Angela Perley and Cuddle Magic and there is a benefit for Camp Sunshine at the Treehouse with Couch Forts and Dane Terry among others.

Friday, I was looking for some good face soap and, lo and behold, my favorite Clintonville saponifier, Paul Sandstrom, will be teaming up to do Bubbles & Bling at Dick's from 5 to 9 offering handcrafted all vegetable oil soaps and handcrafted! Later on at Dick's, something I look forward to like a kid does opening his presents on Christmas morning, The Randys Holiday Spectacular. Another great holiday show is the Skaggs Family Christmas at the Palace. I would love to see that. Elsewhere, The Jellyhearts and Lydia Loveless are at Carabar, Rumba has Old Hundred, Jessica Lee Mayfield, Vug Arkas and The Stallions, Skully's brings back The Loyal Divide and Treehouse has Matt Monta & the Hot Coal Band and Josh Fitzwater & the Shambles.

Saturday, Boki Quartet, Burglar, Miss Molly and Stucco Jones are at Rumba, The Spikedrivers do it again at Dick's and Victorian's has Brawn in the Mash, The Wahoos and Cowboy Hillbilly Hippie Folk. I will be heading down to Athens for The Prom, an annual masquerade ball benefit at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Casa Nueva, followed by another annual benefit for helping local kids learn music called Lennonfest at Jackie O's.

Sunday, Brett Burleson is at Dick's.

Monday The Madison Square Gardeners and You're So Bossy are at Rumba early followed by Jason Quicksall and Jesse Henry. Dottie & Clyde reappear at Treehouse with the The Hot Seats.

Wednesday, Chris Howes is at Dick's.

Dream a little dream for me. mark

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