January 7, 2010

What's Up This Weekend?

Having the COMFEST license plate gets me a certain amount of honks and waves. I'm pretty sure it was responsible this morning for the truck that pulled up next to me from which an unknown woman flailed her arms with hands full of the latest edition of the Columbus Free Press. In an obvious frenzy of journalistic activism, she wordlessly insisted on passing over about 10 copies to me at the red light. The cover features Obama dressed up like George Patton with the caption, "Hawk of the Year". Its not surprising that the Far Left ignored everything Obama has ever said about Afghanistan and turned on him the minute he decided not to pull every soldier out of there. I just finished a novel, "A Thousand Splendid Suns" that tells the story of two women living in Afghanistan during the past 25 or so years. Life for women under the Taliban is nothing short of a nightmare. Al Qaeda may not be there now in big numbers, but they would be if we left immediately. I don't claim to know what Obama should have done. I'm glad he has us pulling out of Iraq (I hope). I'm glad he took a long time to research his decision to give it one more try in Afghanistan. I voted for him because I thought he was smart and that he would change the way the world sees us. I'll read the Free Press article but I won't be handing them out on street corners because I'm trusting Obama on this one for now.

Thursday, tonight, for those of you brave enough to get out in a snow storm, Joey Hebdo and his Bismol Band are at Rumba with the Barn Owls and Mr. Carmel and the lovely little Italian restaurant, Giorgio's, has The Boki Quartet with Betsy Pandora.The Thirsty Ear has Couch Forts and both papers say Wonder Twin Powers but I don't believe it because Josh would have emailed me about it.

Friday, Josh did email me that Wonder Twin Powers will be at Treehouse, Rumba has Vug Arakas & the Stallions, Moon High and the Black Swans and The Basement has Alert New London. It's Elvis' 75th so The Randys and Sons of Gladys are at The Thirsty Ear.

Saturday, Fandys rejoice because The Randys will do another short set at The Elvis-a-thon at Skully's with Sons of Gladys, Wolfgang Parker, Ray Fuller, Hellsfire Sinners, Vegas 66, The Wahoos, Bob Sauls Band and, believe it or not, about 5 others. The Summit has The Wildbirds and This Is My Suitcase. Jookabox, Old Hundred and Bird & Flower are at a venue I'm unfamiliar with, Wild Goose Creative, 2491 Summit St.

Monday, maybe we will be able to dig our way out and see Jenny Flory (Wonder Twin Powers) at the Cowtown Round with Jason Quicksall.

I'm all shook up. mark

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