May 7, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

Back during that fleeting glimpse of summer we had at the beginning of the week, I finally got the bike out for a morning ride in the sun instead of exerbykling in the illumination of CNN. I've been really good about working up a sweat every weekday morning for a couple years now and it's really nice when I can finally start doing that outside. I start by coasting almost the entire way down Walhalla and Weber Rd. W. to the bike path on the river. I know I don't get much exercise doing that but I love the feeling of gravity moving me through space like a silent wind moves a sailboat. Of course, I make up for that lack of physical effort on the way back. All the greens and yellows and purples of Spring along with the refreshing river and sky, all warmed by the sun make for a healthy mental breakfast.

Thursday, tonight, a good new band, The Town Monster is at Oldfield's.

Friday, the Break-a-Leg Bob Sauls Benefit at Carabar features Happy Chichester and Megan Palmer among others. Bob is one or our finest and most veteran blues artists. After helping Bob out, head for Rumba to see Tim Easton's CD release accompanied by Sam Brown.

Saturday, Ghost Shirt is at The Treehouse.

Sailing away. mark

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