May 7, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

I must the be the only person who digs the dandelions out of his lawn. It appears that all my neighbors must have been using chemicals because mine was about the only one with the uncivilized yellow pox. So there I was, scooting my butt up and down the hill of my front lawn surgically removing the little devils with my hand hoe weed popper occasionally taking the gloves off to give some love to my cat Riblet while lying in the grass. When my tool finally broke at the handle from so much abuse, I just couldn't stop and continued my murderous rampage with the remaining bare silver shard. There is something intoxicating about spending hours on a sunny afternoon that close to the ground. Radon?

Thursday, tonight, Trains Across the Sea and Our Cat Phillip are at Oldfield's, RTFO Bandwagon is at Rumba, and a great pianist/singer who is new to me, Dane Terry, is at The Treehouse.

Friday, Dan Dougan, Megan Palmer and Derek DiCenzo team up to support the CD release of Colin Gawel at Rumba, The Receiver does their CD release at Skully's, Couch Forts is at The Treehouse and one of my lawyer buddies is branching out with his mandolin in a band called Gassanine at Vicotorian's..

Saturday, I going to try to get up and join the Spring Planting Day at Goodale Park, a great place to be at 9 A.M. on a Saturday. We’ll be planting some annuals and vegetables, edging beds, cleaning out the pond, picking up trash around the park and mulching where needed. Bring a shovel, trowel, and/or gardening gloves if you have them. Later on, Ruby's hosts the Black Box Benefit for Epilepsy with, among others, Happy Chichester (of course) Derek DiCenzo and Jimmy Casote, The Lindsay is at Rumba, The Main Street Gospel and TV Eye are at Skully's, Megan Palmer is at The Treehouse and Erika Carey and the Calamaties, Whoa Nellie and Todd May are at Victorian's.

Sunday, I'm going to check out The Sadies with John Doe at Rumba at 8 PM I believe.

Dig you now, plant you later. mark

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