May 29, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

Yes, I did wear my Audrey-Hepburn-inspired funeral-for-Little-Brothers Doodah dress and black veiled hat to the Mary Adam 12 show at Rumba. Yes, I did buy just the black patent leather purse I was looking for to accessorize the outfit at Volunteers of America for $3.00. Yes, I did bring two lovely young ladies who provided my masculinity with much-needed cover. Yes, I did accept 3 free beers for us from manager Todd Dugan by promising to give him a little booty later. Yes, I did pound Miller Lites to compensate for the queasy silliness I was feeling and, yes, I did get too wasted to recruit any volunteers later that night but yes, I did have a good time dancing.

Thursday, tonight, among the many interesting national acts this weekend, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are at The LC and The Felice Brothers and Taylor Hollingsworth are at Rumba. Locals Chris McCoy and Time & Temperature are at the Treehouse.

Friday, if you haven't already started the weekend, you should head for the happy hour at Rumba with The Randys followed later by Miss Molly and The Wet Darlings. If I'm sufficiently sober after The Randys, I may go recruit at Skully's where The SoHud (south of Hudson) Supershow includes The Floorwalkers, the Andy Shaw Band and the Max Power Trio. More ghosts from the past haunt the Columbus music scene as Bob City and Geraldine join Grafton at The Summit. Wussy, the Kyle Sowashes and Ghost Shirt are at the Treehouse.

Saturday, from what I hear, Hempfest is going to happen despite the efforts of OSU to shut them down. I'll be there from 4 PM trying to recruit. There should be a lot of music but all I know for sure is The Floorwalkers, Red Sun, Lo-Pan and Stretch Lefty will be there. If it is a nice day, Hempfest is nice place to be especially if you find the Magic Cookie guy. Joey Hebdo is at Rumba and Bookmobile is at the Treehouse.

Sunday, I didn't get a whole lot of volunteers last Sunday because I got there late (watching the Cavs) and the place was packed but I might try again because The Floorwalkers and Hoodoo are back to back again at Rumba.

Monday, The Decemberists are at the LC and Megan Palmer and Jason Quicksall are at Rumba.

Wednesday, The Meat Puppets are at The Summit.

I enjoy being a girl. mark

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