May 29, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

I'm either in the early stages of Alzheimer's or drugs and alcohol have taken their toll. On the other hand, I've always had the tendency to live for the moment so maybe its just a lack of mnemonic exercise. A bad memory has been great for allowing me to forget about the pain of daily slings and arrows, most of which are self-inflicted. But not being able to knock things off the tip of my tongue is frustrating and a little scary. When your cerebral electrons just can't make that jump between synapses, its like standing on a cliff at the edge of a deep, dark chasm. So close and yet so far.

Thursday, tonight, Tin Armor and Couch Forts are at Circus,

Friday, the ghost of Mary Adam 12 appears from out of the past at the Rumba's happy hour and I understand that a cocktail dress will get you in for free. I'm sure I have something from a past Doodah parade I could wear. The Thirsty Ear hosts the Lost Weekend Records Show with Kyle Siegrist's usual strong line-up of great local acts including Bush League All-Stars.

Saturday, The Bygones are at Treehouse and Pirates of the Scioto, a great new young band doing their own updated version of the blues, are at Victorian's.

Sunday afternoon I will be attending my office assistant, Kim's graduation from Capital University Law School but you should consider the 2 PM screening of "Crazy, Sexy Cancer" at Studio 35 which is a benefit for friend Zoe Buyalos or go to to help out,

Since Monday is a holiday, think about Sunday night at Don B's birthday bash with Lydia Loveless and Day Creeper. How does Don do it? Or the Rumba has Hoodoo and The Floorwalkers. Sounds like a good opportunity for me to recruit Comfest volunteers.

Don't you forget about me. mark

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