August 6, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

I have a dirty little secret. I majored in English undergraduate and read a lot back then. I love to write and I have a decent vocabulary, but, generally speaking, I don't read books. Maybe one a year. It's embarrassing. Intellectual stimulation and the acquisition of knowledge are so much easier to get in magazines and television. Reading a book is something I often think about doing but I just never seem to get started. Well, Monday I decided to get in line early to buy Leonard Cohen tickets, so I brought a book to pass the time. I enjoyed it so much, I've gone back to it every evening. Hopefully, reading at night will turn into a habit like exercising in the morning has become. I just have to watch Keith Olbermann at 8, start reading after Rachel Maddow from 10 to 11 and stay up until midnight to watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report. I know, I'm hopeless.

Thursday, tonight, Faux Real, The Lost Revival and TV Eye are at Rumba. Interesting combination of music, Heidi.

Friday, a killer happy hour at Rumba with Happy Chichester, solo, then joined by former members of his band, Howlin' Maggie then followed by The Wonder Power Twins and the Superfriends Hip-Hop String Orchestra. Wow! All that and cheap drinks too! Later, the good stuff continues with two good old bands, Old Worlds and Old Hundred with the Phantods. If you prefer some fun, Alice-Cooper-style heavy metal, Razorbliss has a CD release at Skully's. Langhorne Slim and Couch Forts are at Summit.

Saturday, The Spikedrivers hold down the fort at Rumba.

Wednesday, country punkess, Lydia Loveless and her sister's bluegrass duo, Dottie and Clyde, will be at Bernie's. Nice to see an article about Lydia in The Other Paper. Despite what the article says, I went to high school with her mother and Loveless isn't the name she was born with.

I wonder who wrote The Book of Love. mark

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