July 17, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

After apologizing for bothering me so early on a Sunday morning, an anonymous caller told me he had seen a cat that fit Buster's description 10 minutes ago in an alley in my neighborhood. I targeted a 2 by 4 block area between Indianola and the railroad tracks where he might be found if he had been hanging out there the past month and a half. Riding my bike, I scoured the neighborhood repeatedly like an obsessive-compulsive hand-washer. At times, as I glided through the streets and alleys, I softly whistled the call I used to use on the back porch to bring him in at night. I blew it over and over like an ice cream truck chime enticing its prey. Another night, an inner voice coped with the apparent futility of my task by repeating the name of Myanmar political prisoner "Aung San Suu Kyi". After a while, the dogs stopped barking when I would pass by. I felt suspicious riding up and down the same streets and alleys everyday like a stalker with a cat-carrier slung across my back. I imagined how I would explain myself to the police. The squirrels were ubiquitous during the day and, at twilight, the rabbit population was a veritable IHOP for runaway pets-turned-predators. As of today, I'm afraid I haven't bought the lottery ticket it requires to find him.

Thursday, tonight, Doo Dah drum major, Jim Maneri and Randy Mather are Dick's and my favorite new bluegrass couple, Dottie & Clyde, are at Victorian's.

Friday, it looks like I'm headed down to Athens to catch the Brew Choo Choo and sample a few during Ohio Brew Week. Back here I'll be missing Happy Chichester and The Mendelsonics doing the happy hour at Rumba followed by Mojoflo and The Floorwalkers. Paul Brown will be at Dick's and Ghengis Green and Town Monster will be at Bernie's.

Saturday, the Charles Mingus Tribute with Honk, Wail & Moan is at Dick's, Matt Munhall does his CD release in style at the Lincoln Theater, The Spikedrivers are at Skully's, Matt Monta and Za's Pawnshop Special are at Treehouse and the Volatility Festival raising funds for Madlab (105 N. Grant) features a long list of acts including Bicentenial Bear, Hotel Eden, Deerhead, Silo the Huskie, The Receiver and Ghost Shirt. 2 PM to 1 AM.

Sunday, it would be worth being a little sleepy Monday to see Woody Pines at the Treehouse.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. mark

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