January 21, 2010

What's Up This Weekend?

If you read my weekly musings, you may remember that the last installment was another in a series of embarrassing, mundane vignettes from my life. Amazingly enough, I am blessed with readers who write me back occasionally and one responded simply, but comfortingly "you are so human." Another asked to be removed from the the list because she was leaving town and kindly added, "Thanks for the insights". My human frailty is undeniable and my greatest source of insight. For instance, just last night, I had a dream that I was at a Comfest meeting and I was reading out loud a series of cards lined up on long tables containing cartoons that illustrated the failures of mankind. I remember one depicting the way we had "fouled the atmosphere and the water." Towards the end, I got to the cartoons that began to describe how society could still redeem itself, that there was still time for us to do the right things. Of course, whenever you get to the good part of a dream, you wake up. As I tried to grasp the dissolving filaments of that hopeful dream, it occurred to me that I also have failed in many ways to live a successful life, I've made a lot of stupid decisions and yet the dream made me feel that I also still have a chance to redeem myself and start getting things right. The idea that humans may fail but may still choose redemption, is a simple, well-known insight that is a basic tenet, I suppose, of many religions and philosophies but it was enough of a glowing revelation to keep me from getting back to sleep at two in the morning.

Thursday, tonight, dueling jazzbos with Bop du fway at Dick's and Roger Hines down the street at Oldfield's. Heidi Howes has a CD release at Thirsty Ear. She has an amazing operatic voice. The happy hour show at Rumba has the Joey Hebdo Band with Matt Reed and TGP. The Winter Jamboree at Victorian's is a benefit for the Goodale Park Music Series, WCBE and the Third Hand Bike Shop and features Erika Carey & the Calamaties, Cowboy Hillbilly Hippy Folk, Tin Hearts, Jon Turck Trio and Eric Nassau. I hear you can fill up on delicious chili with the $10 admission while supporting some real gems of our community. Starts early at 6.

Friday, Bernie's is having its 35th anniversary party possibly featuring Willie Phoenix and Elana Caplin (per The Other Paper) and A Planet for Texas, Craig Dunson and Loopus from Pica Huss/Econothugs (per The Alive). Carabar has Nick Tolford, Rumba has The Spikedrivers, The Lost Revival is at Skully's, Matt Monta is at the Treehouse early, like maybe 8:30, and The Bush League All-Stars do the Ravari happy hour followed by a Hope for Haiti benefit ($5) with Two Cow Garage, The Phantods, Wet Darlings and Lydia Loveless among others. Proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.

Saturday, The Drowsy Lads are at Byrne's, Andy Woodson is at Dick's and Hell's Fire Sinners are at Victorian's.

Monday, Jesse Henry and Dan Dougan join Jason Quicksall for Cowtown Round at Rumba.

Tuesday, Jesse Henry pops up again at Vic's with Joey Hebdo.

And every Wednesday, Chris Howes,, Columbus' premier jazz violinist, has been putting on real quality shows mixing jazz and vocal stuff at Dick's.

You're just a human. mark

P.S. If you are looking for a really good organization in Haiti to contribute to online, Partners In Health has been providing free health care to the poor in Haiti since 1985. info@pih.org

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