October 29, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

Magic 8 Ball sez: "Someone really appreciates you". I was shopping at the Giant Eagle after work in my monkey suit and tie, carrying my shopping bag with the sculpted brown rubber face, reminiscent of the scary Fighting Trees that grabbed the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. I always get comments on it. Just past the frozen food forest, I'm hailed by a young mother with tatoos, pony-tails and piercings. "Hey Mark! Remember me?" Of course not. "You represented my brother in his divorce and you got him the house. He died last month in a motorcycle accident. We always really appreciated what you did for him." Hmm... Receiving praise for bravely leading them through the carnival fun house and the masterful way I delivered them, unharmed, at the exit. "I'm glad I was able to help him." Then I moved on to my real area of expertise; chatting about my shopping bag with her little girl.

Some great acts have been coming to town. Oakhurst from Colorado last Friday at Victorian's was a pleasant surprise. Gogol Bordello and Leonard Cohen were here Tuesday. Leonard was transcendent. Mr. Dylan is here this coming Tuesday and..

Thursday, tonight, one of my favorite oddity bands and incredibly great musicians, The Tiger Lillies, are at the Wexner. Perfect for a Halloween weekend. I once dressed up as the title character in their mini-opera, Shock Headed Peter, with foot-long fingernails made out of wire and tape. One of my best ever. Couldn't drink a beer or go to the bathroom by myself, however. This year I will probably just unchain my Hunchback of Notre Dame again.

The clubs have really ramped it up this weekend with benefit bashes and some scary good line-ups.

Friday, El Jesus de Magico, Necropolis and Jordan O' Jordan are at Carabar and the annual Ravari Halloween Bash with lots of pop music impersonations always gets good reviews. The Andyman's CD101 For the Kids Benefit fills the happy hour at Rumba followed by Southeast Engine and Monolithic Cloud Parade. Another branch of the CD101 benefit is at the Treehouse. Skully's has The Receiver, Brainbow and The Main Street Gospel. Megan Palmer & the Hopefuls are at the Thirsty Ear and Rollo and Old Worlds are at Victorian's.

Saturday, there is the Highball on North High St. in the Short North. The costume contest was really good last year and the whole atmosphere rivaled Athens for fun, if not mayhem. Afterwards, I will certainly be heading down to Dick's for Happy Chichester . Other options include The Floorwalkers at Ruby's, The Good Company Halloween Show at Rumba, The Spikedrivers and Two Cow Garage will be at Skully's and more CD101 For the Kids at the Treehouse where local musicians will be covering their favorites, including, I'm told, Erika Carey perfoming songs from her girlhood crush, Tom Petty.

Monday, the Rumba's Cowtown Round has Jason Quicksall, Jesse Henry and Megan Palmer.

Wednesday, I'm hearing that the Great American Taxi would be worth checking out at Victorian's.

I'm goin' out West where they appreciate me. mark

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