October 8, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

Hi, I'm Mark and I have a self-expression addiction, a compulsive desire to make others aware of what I think and feel in order to satisfy my craving for an answer to the question "Can you hear me?" It's like I'm afraid of being the tree that falls in the woods that nobody hears. And lately, in the darkness of my private forest, the sound of my questions crackling in the snapping branches and crashing tree trunk have gone unanswered. I'm tempted to continue yelling "Timber!" but I've decided to resist the urge to have it all explained. I'm just going to lie here, quietly now, and listen to the songs of the birds and the wind rustling through the leaves and hope that some sun light shines through the new hole in the forest canopy.

Thursday, tonight, a band I enjoyed from pe-Comfest reconnaisance, Alert New London, is at Oldfield's. Wonder Twin Powers does another Peloton Records showcase with Tod May and Cur Dogs at Ruby's and Two Cow Garage is at Rumba.

Friday, Lydia Loveless and Grace Adele do the Twang Alliance thang during Rumba's happy hour followed by Bucktown Kickback. Wolfgang Parker rises again at Skully's with Vegas 66 and Cotton Jackson. Miss Molly shares the stage with Tin Hearts and The Alwood Sisters at Treehouse.

Saturday, the Italian Festival returns for the weekend allowing me to make my annual pilgrimage to the Church of My Favorite Pizza. Gil Mantera's Party Dream reoccurs at Skully's.

Monday, Wilco is at the Wex but after recently seeing them in Athens and watching their documentary, I'm satisfied for a while.

Wednesday, quite a show at The Summit with Times New Viking and Envelope.

Let the sun shine
Let the sun shine in
The sun shine in


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