March 26, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

As of this morning, I didn't have anything to write about so I was just going to bemoan the fact that my good friend had just taken off for Cabo San Lucas and my legal assistant was spending Spring Break in Satellite Beach, FL while I was looking out the window at a dreary cold Columbus. But then I went home for lunch and found something worth crying about. Was it a large glob of wasabi on my sushi? No. I was watching Obama do his online town meeting and a few tears trickled out as the realization washed over me that we finally have a leader with a brain who knows what is going on and can actually talk about it off the top of his head. Beautiful things have that effect on me.

Thursday, tonight, Happy Chichester is at Due Amici (free!) and Super Desserts, an amazing new band with guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass clarinet, violin, viola, sitar and glockenspiel is at The Treehouse. And if you haven't seen Hamell on Trial yet, you need to see him at Rumba. Great music and great humor all in one dirty old punk.

Friday, the action is at Rumba. My old friends The Wahoos and The Mendelsonics do the happy hour and then Paul Abbott's Pocket Full of Sunshine should be one of the events of the year in local music. Paul got just about all of Columbus' finest to each record a song with him and put it on a 15 track compilation CD. Many of those musicians will be there including Derek DiCenzo and Happy Chichester. I will probably have to forgo checking out bands for Comfest to see this.

Saturday, there's a good new rhythm and blues group, The Cellar Hounds, at Ruby's around 10 PM. Miss Molly is doing a CD release at Dick's and Bookmobile is at The Treehouse.

It's not Cabo San Lucas but it's allright. mark

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