March 22, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

Mary Matalin lights James Carville's fire. Megan McCain lights mine after seeing her interview with Rachel Maddow. She's smart, 24, looks more like her mother than her father thankfully and she's a moderate Republican who just attacked Ann Coulter in her blog on the Daily Beast. There is something to be said for the passion ignited by intellectual friction.

What Was for Dinner This Week? In so many ways, I'm like a 12 year old who is just tall enough to drive a car. Like when I make food. While joyriding in the kitchen, it sounded like a good idea to soak some fish in milk and coat it with flour and crushed stale tortilla chips from my Fiesta Bowl party. Sauteed in olive oil, it wasn't bad. I also stripped away the mold from the half of a pomegranate meant for Christmas morning mimosas and added the little rubies to my salad with a mango vinagrette. Yummy!

Thursday, tonight, comedian Neil Hamburger shares the stage with the former Hugs & Kisses whose new name shall remain nameless. Magically Delicious is at Dick's, The Floorwalkers and Jason Quicksall Band are at Due Amici. Dr. Kenny Delicious, who I recently discovered is a fantastic blues-rock act, is with Mt. Carmel at Ruby's and Ghost Shirt is at The Treehouse.

Friday, Death By Banjo is at Byrne's, In 3D is at CBR's, Grassohol is at Dick's, The Randy's do the happy hour at Rumba, The Ladies of Longford are at The Shamrock Club, The Spikedrivers are at Skully's, Moon High is at The Treehouse and The Kinsey Report is at Thirsty Ear.

Saturday, Megan Palmer is at Dick's, Ghost Shirt is at Ruby's, the band that played my street party last year and graces the cover of The Alive this week, The Drowsy Lads, are at The Shamrock Club, and Eric Metronome and Couch Forts are at The Treehouse.

Monday, This Is My Suitcase is at Bernie's and Julie Neumark and Megan Palmer are at Rumba.

Tuesday, Couch Forts and Ghost Shirt are at Skully's.

Bon appetit. Erin go braugh. mark

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