January 30, 2009

What's Up This Weekend?

Even though I left work at noon yesterday, I still got stuck when I turned into my home street. Thankfully, a Good Samaritan just happened to be trudging through the storm and helped me out. All I could do was honk to him as I kept the momentum going down the street. I did go back and shovel out that treacherous part of the intersection so no one else would get stuck. My way of giving thanks to all the people who help other people out anonymously.

Thursday, tonight, The Spikedrivers will be doing the happy hour at Rumba and Joe Ong, aka Daddy-O, will be doing his lovely jazz thing on the drums at Dick's with Derek DiCenzo on guitar.

Friday, Necropolis, El Jesus de Majico and Brainbow will be at Carabar. Did you hear Carabar is eventually doomed by the freeway reconstruction? The Royal Tycoons are at Dick's. Erika Carey and the Calamities do the happy hour at Rumba followed by The Floorwalkers and Happy Chichester. Couch Forts and Moon High are at The Treehouse.

Saturday, Ghost Shirt and The Language Our Fathers Forgot are at The Treehouse.

Sunday, I will probably watch some of the Superduper Bowl if for no other reason than catching some good commercials but around half time I've been invited to join a lovely videographer friend and her posse of gay cabelleros to film an Extreme Strippers event for ESPN at Score. What football game?

Help! I need somebody. mark

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