July 8, 2010

What's Up This Weekend?

Another Doo Dah done did. The hallowed anarchical traditions were shamelessly indulged. Preparations included the Hunt for the Perfect Frock which led me from the second-hand stores of Cleveland Ave. to hip vintage boutique, Rag-O-Rama, to the desperately dull Volunteers of America and Goodwill. A plain little red, white and blue number caught my eye early on but I left it behind. After shopping everywhere else, I had to come back for it. Something told me this conservative, full length, work dress had possibilities, and after cutting out the skirt, its inner-sluttiness was revealed. This year’s special maternity design concept was completed with a monkey head pillow and my first bra; a brown 44 D. My pregnancy was in solidarity with my friend Claressa who is with my child and who paraded in a patriotic tube top allowing His Protuberance to literally hang out with the band. The running joke was that we were having twins. As we marched, I tried to imitate the wide-stepping pregnant waddle in my red fishnets and short black boots. Occasionally, we would belly-bump to the delight of the crowd. It’s been nice to experience the high holy days of Comfest and Doo Dah with the little one in uterine. I can only hope that we imprinted him with a sense of the exuberance and joy that we felt during these celebrations of Life.

Thursday, tonight, Old Hundred begins 3 gigs in five days at Carabar, Brett Burleson marks his return from California at Dick's, Couch Forts and Terribly Empty Pockets are at Woodlands Tavern and Envelope and The Compressions are at Kobo which is not a Japanese Steakhouse but it was formerly Oldfield's on High.

Friday, The Drowsy Lads are at Byrne's, Tom Davis is at Dick's, Park Street Tavern has The Floorwalkers, Skully's has The Spikedrivers and The Hot 17 Launch Party begins at 6:30 at Rumba with Envelope, Ghost Shirt, The Receiver, Two Cow Garage and many more.

Saturday, here comes your 5th Annual Parking Lot Blowout next to the Surly Girl beginning at 3 with Old Hundred followed by The Randys and later at 6:45 an awesome nostalgic lineup of New Bomb Turks, Gibson Bros. and Scrawl. Later, I recommend The Madison Square Gardeners at Rumba. The Summit has The Oblivians, Cheater Slicks, Bassholes and Dexter Romweber Duo, The Shrunken Head has The Floorwalkers unplugged and Skully's has Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, The Kyle Sowashes and Tim Armor.

Tuesday, Old Hundred does it again at The Summit with Phosphorescent and Vug Arakas and the lovely Za Unitt is at Treehouse.

I love a parade. mark

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