April 22, 2010

What's Up This Weekend?

flies by the corner of your eye
like the second hand rounding past a numeral
on a clock that appears to inform you
with all the predictability of a ghost.

I've developed the reflexes necessary
to immediately grasp the vanishing arm
and bravely allow myself to be pulled
into the dimension of imagination
where the elusive meaning
of the specter’s appearance
will be revealed.

Hence, when the words I had texted
beckoned me in a beguiling voice
to follow them to the piano
just as I was about to step into the shower,
I had to sit naked on the wooden bench
framed in the curtainless bay window
in order to capture this song for you.

Can’t wait but I will
Its late but I still want to see you

Can’t wait for the thrill
I feel when I finally get to hold you

The time will move ever so slowly
But I’m going to keep myself holy
The night is so dark and lonely
Your light is my one and only

Thursday, tonight, Dan Dougan's Listening Hour at The Gateway features
Whoa Nellie and ...Local Color? Really? Rumba has Black Swans Solo
with Jerry DeCicca, Eve Searls and Sam Brown. The Rumpke Mountain
Boys, Waterband and Cowboy Hillbilly Hippy Folk are at The Shrunken
Head and The Summit has This Is My Suitcase.

Friday, Miss Molly is at Dick's, Wolfgang Parker, Mors Ontologica and
Ghost Shirt are at Skully's, Adult Fiction and Vug & the Stallions are
at Treehouse and my pick of the week is the show at Rumba with The
Madison Square Gardeners and Aaron Tasjean.

Saturday, At 6 PM, I will be attending Music In The Round at the
Mannechor with Willie Phoenix, Heidi Howes and Eric Nassau. It
benefits the Flying Horse Farm which brings sick kids together with
horses that fly, I assume. You can still buy tickets at the door or go
to http://www.musicintheround.com/ . Dick's hosts the Sly & the Family
Stone tribute, Love Culture and The Lost Revival are at Skully's, Soul
Satyr does Thirsty Ear, You're So Bossy is at Treehouse, The Shrunken
Head has Vegas 66 and Miss Misery & Co. and Rumba has Playhouse and
Max Power Trio. Ravari has Six Gallery, Phantods, Stretch Lefty,
Karate Coyote and around midnight, yours truly, will introduce a
minute long video about "a bold new plan" for the new festival that
I've been working on with a great group of people. Don't blink or
you'll miss it.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! mark

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  1. I hope your video will hit youtube/vimeo/facebook for those who can't make the ravari show.